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Corporate Challenges
& KAIZEN Effectives

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for the challenges you are facing!!!

Specific Features

We are a consulting company specialized in offering
On-Site/ On-Line KAIZEN Consulting Services.

While so many companies are prevented from having KAIZEN on-site guidance and stagnated in KAIZEN activities because of Covid-19 crisis, we offer on-line consulting services as well as on-site consulting services which enable us to support KAIZEN activities of your company.

Our expecienced Japanese consultants will support your company to achieve productivity improvement, cost reduction, and lead-time reduction by implementing KAIZEN activities based on the concept of Toyota Production System (TPS)with your employees. We propose your company will build an organization which is capable to continue implementing KAIZEN independently, eventually.

KAIZEN e-learning(Kainzen e-training)

VIDEOs provides
better understanding

Texts are made in English with animation. which are easy to understand and fun to learn.

Easy access for 24 hours

Curriculums are provided on-line, so many trainees can easily learn anytime and anywhere.

Progress Management and Learning Test

Learning progress of trainees can be monitored in the system by course administrators. So, learning progress can be managed easily.

Limited Time Offer: You can try e-learning for free for a week

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KAIZEN Web Seminar

Lectures by Japanese TPS Experts

Lecturers are Japanese experts with abundant experiences such as lead-time reduction and defects rate improvement in production sites for corporates in Asia and all over the world.

Lectures Themes are TPS to be practiced immediately

Practical TPS activities and cases can be referred through the Webinars. Interactive Q&A sessions are also provided.

Progress Management and Learning Test

Lectures are free of charge for e-learning trainees. The others can also participate with charges.

KAIZEN Online consulting

On-line Factory Diagnosis

We conduct Factory Diagnosis by on-site visits of our local staffs or by on-line communication through social media: web based communication tools. We provide prompt and precise diagnosis. our experts also visit your production sites if circumstances permit.

Prompt Handling and precise Guidance

We provide you with precise guidance and support by experienced Japanese experts on-line, so it is capable to carry out as long as networking environment is provided. We can implement KAIZEN by closely working with a personal designated at your firm in charge of implementing KAIZEN effectively.

Significant Cost Reduction far from Conventional Consulting

Sice Conventional Consulting Services used to be provided exclusively on-site, travel expenses for consultants were charged additionally. Now, significant cost reductions are possible through providing services mainly on-line.

3Reasons Why
We are Selected

01:Significant Cost Reduction by On-Line Consulting mainly

Conventional Consulting costs travel expenses for Japanese consultant to guide exclusively on-site. However, our concept is based on on-line consulting to guide KAIZEN which enables you to reduce cost significantly.

02:Japanese KAIZEN (Lean) Know-How

We propose to solve challenges listed below by utilizing practical KAIZEN concepts based on TPS (Toyota Production System) and to build an organization that can eventually continue implementing KAIZEN dependently.

▼Solutions to these challenges:
・Productivity ・Inventory Management ・Lead-Time ・Equipment Maintenance
・Delivery Management ・Quality Management ・Logistics Costs ・Management Supervision

02:Japanese KAIZEN (Lean) Know-How

We propose to solve challenges listed below by utilizing practical KAIZEN concepts based on TPS (Toyota Production System) and to build an organization that can eventually continue implementing KAIZEN dependently.

▼Solutions to these challenges:
・Inventory Management 
・Equipment Maintenance
・Delivery Management 
・Quality Management 
・Logistics Costs 
・Management Supervision

03:Abundant Experiences of Improving Productivity

We have abundant KAIZEN experiences achieving pronounced results for manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries in Asia, Europe and Latin America. We acknowledge customer's needs in Japan and Western countries which we can reflect on your productions. As a result, we could ensure that your company will futher grow and become one of reliable suppliers from customers' view.

Basic Steps


Apply for an initial consultation for a free of charge.


Receiving a free consultation on challenges your company is facing. We also offer e-learning programs for one week with free of charge.


Conducting a factory diagnosis, and taking up e-learning programs and educational training by webinar.


After implementing factory diagnosis, we propose plans to strengthen your company's structure as part of a KAIZEN implementation. As soon as we have consent on the agreement, we carry out missions.

One week

Case Study :
Productivity Improvement


75% Sales improvement by KAIZEN in operation


Housing Equipment Manufacturing.


KAIZEN activities had not been proceeded, and wastes were left as they were.


Since the profitability of the factory was deteriorating, they contacted us to see the situation of the site.

We conducted a factory diagnosis. It seemed that they have been trying to improve the condition on their own, but the following wastes were found at the site.

① Operators were waiting between operations because of bad line-balancing
② Waste of motions such as setting aside were there
③ Line operations were stopped as materials supplied

In order to eliminate those wastes, we designed and implemented KAIZEN project that reduced cycle-time for increasing production volume.


110% Improvement in yield rate due to quality improvement


Precision Machining・Assembly.


Delivery Quality was poor, and 59.3% of products were returned.


We received a request from a deficit factory to improve profitability, and conducted a factory diagnosis. According to the investigation, shipments were as planned, but more than half of the products shipped were of poor quality.

The situation was that the product was returned, and the following problems were left unattended at the site.

①Since there is no concept of "built-in quality in the process", products were passed to the next process without having quality check for processed/assembly products
②No standardized operation for each process, and operation methods were depend on operators
③No standard for changing edged tools of processing machines, and tools were used even they were worn

In order to solve those problems, we designed and implemented a KAIZEN project, and improved the yield rate ensuring quality in each process.


66.7% Lead-Time Reduction, 77% Productivity Improvement by a flow production


Automobile Electrical Components.


Assembly line was lot production, and there were varieties of wastes.


We received a request for cost reduction by an automobile manufacturer, and implemented KAIZEN in assembly line.

There were significant volume of works between processes which prevented from production flow and also caused lengthning lead-time. So, we implemented KAIZEN listed below.

①Small lot production
②Training to make multi-skilled operators
③Simple automation of facility

PJ members carried out those KAIZEN and elimination of wastes having resulted in significant KAIZEN effects.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is KAIZEN necessary?

Optimizing the organization's performance requires an ongoing process. It is essential to identify problems, plan and implement appropriate changes, review results, and reorient, but it is not easy to do so. Carrying out "Kaizen", which is a "continuous improvement process", with the help of experts is an effective way to go. Kaizen also helps improve employee morale and productivity, and transform workplace culture.


How is it useful??

It is effective to change the way of work that has been trial and error in a systematic way, instead of changing it overnight. Implementing KAIZEN at the manufacturing site has the following significant benefits: Reduce idle time / Reduce excess inventory-Reduce cost of ownership / Improve quality / Optimize production capacity / Eliminate waste of time, labor, materials, etc. / Improve employee morale and productivity.


Which industries shall be benefited from KAIZEN?

Kaizen is targeted at any organization (manufacturing, process, service) that wants to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve profitability, and establish a culture of continuous improvement. Kaizen eliminates waste, enables efficient, appropriate, and error-free operations, increases customer satisfaction, and ultimately leads to higher profits.


Are there any preparation or knowledge to be required before implementing KAIZEN?

We recommend that you have a factory diagnosis before implementing Kaizen at your company. After answering our questionnaire in advance and understanding your company's current situation and issues, we will carry out factory diagnosis, formulate a concrete Kaizen plan, and carry out Kaizen with your project members. No prior preparation or knowledge is required for e-learning or webinar.


Is KAIZEN guidance still effective even by on-line?

By conducting e-learning and webinar online, the educational effect of each trainee will be further enhanced. You can also ask questions during Q&A sessions. As for factory diagnosis and consulting, under the guidance of experts, we ask local staff and Kaizen project members of your company to take videos and photographs of the situation at the site, so that we can accurately identify problems and give advice on solutions.


How about the price range and its cost-effectiveness?

E-learning is intended for corporate users, and we offer reasonable pricing according to the size of the company (the number of participants). The webinar will be provided free of charge to those who join e-learning. Online consulting is offered at a lower cost than the market price in Japan by experienced Japanese experts. Since travel expenses are not incurred, it is possible to significantly reduce costs compared to consulting by on-site guidance. In addition, the cost reduction by KAIZEN is usually enough to recover the consulting cost and provide a reasonable cost-effectiveness.

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Our knowledge and capabilities in the Kaizen field are highly evaluated, having a track record of providing KAIZEN consultings for more than 1,500 companies in 40 countries around the world. As a partner who knows the customer's business needs more than the customer, we are entrusted by them evne in the areas of introducing of equipment and consultation on new factory construction.


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